Sharon Jennings

After years of reading and editing other people’s stories, Sharon Jennings has gone on to be an award-winning author herself.

She is a novelist (Connecting the Dots) and a picture book author (C’Mere Boy!) about a dog who really,really wants a boy). But Sharon is best known as an author of the series featuring Canada’s favourite turtle, Franklin.

Often inspired by her own children’s questions and comments, young readers and families easily relate to Franklin’s adventures. Picture book titles include Franklin’s Canoe Trip, Franklin’s New Teacher and Franklin Plants a Tree. Franklin the Detective, Franklin and the Duckling and Franklin’s Picnic are just a few of the many titles for beginners.

An avid reader herself, Sharon encourages young and old to read, read, read!

Sample of Sharon’s Books

Connecting the Dots

After years of being passed around to various relatives, Cassandra Jovanovich has found a home where she feels she belongs. All she wants to do is forget her past and pursue her dream of becoming an actress.



C’Mere Boy!

Dog wants his very own boy. Though Mama warns him that a boy takes a lot of work, Dog is determined to find the perfect boy for him. Dog’s search takes him from the pooch spa to the mall to the park, but none of the boys smell quite right.



Franklin’s Picnic

Franklin is dismayed to discover that his Woodland friends don’t like flies, his favourite picnic lunch. This Level 2 first reader contains longer stories, varied sentences, increased vocabulary, more difficult visual clues and some repetition.


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