Summer Reading List

If you’d like to get acquainted with our authors and their books this summer, here’s a list of books you can read and enjoy with your family. We’d love to hear about your favourite summer reads, so join us on Facebook and let us in on your families favourite stories!

Celebrating Stories


Patricia Storms

Never Let You Go
Love is holding on tight — and knowing when to let go. In this warm, funny book, an adorable penguin learns that Mom or Dad “will never let you go.” Safely assured by the steadfast love of a parent, the little penguin can begin to explore its world bit by bit — draw a picture, chase the stars, even throw a tantrum — secure in the knowledge that a doting parent is always waiting in the wings.

Dans ce livre tendre et amusant, un adorable pingouin apprend que sa maman sera toujours près de lui… sauf quand il sera temps de le laisser partir. Réconforté par cet amour inconditionnel, le petit pingouin peut commencer à explorer le monde qui l’entoure pas à pas — dessiner, observer les étoiles, se mettre en colère — tout en sachant que sa maman sera toujours là pour le réconforter.

The Pirate and the Penguin
Penguin is not your typical Antarctic bird. While his contented friends spend their days doing yoga, meditating, and meditating on yoga, this free spirit is planning his great escape. He’s done with the frigid, barren expanse of the South Pole. He’s had it with the communal escapades of his feathered fraternity. What he wants is adventure. And he’s ready to go it alone. Pirate, on the other hand, wants no part in his vocation’s raucous, adventurous ways. Exploration? Treasure? Conquest? Bah! Caught under the pounding Caribbean sun, surrounded by a crew of dimwits, this captain longs for a simpler life.

It’s Halloween night and the ghosts are marching in!
The Ghosts go SpookingLittle ghosts go trick-or-treating by ones, twos, and up to ten in this spooky and fun-filled take on “The Ants Go Marching.” Hurrah, hurrah!

The familiar counting song is a fun read-aloud and sing-along, and children will love identifying all the costumes in the ghost march. Observant readers will also find lots of opportunities to count along as they look for ghostly silhouettes and other spooky objects hidden in the illustrations!

13 Ghosts of Halloween
On the first stroke of midnight, ten children, two dogs and a cat enter a haunted funhouse. On their journey through the rooms, they encounter bats and witches and goblins. As the clock strikes, the children bravely sing, “Oh, nothing frightens me!” and one by one they disappear. By the twelfth stroke of midnight, only one brave child is left and he’s about to get a big surprise! This Halloween story is spooky and fun, and just right for young readers.


Edward and the Eureka Lucky Wish Company
Edward wishes he could fly. But no matter how much he adjusts and re-adjusts the splurchler and turbo-twirler on his Skyhopper 2000, he can’t get off the ground. Imagine Edward’s thrill when he gets a coupon for not just one, but three wishes. Edward makes a wish that his Skyhopper could fly. And there it goes – Boing! Sproing! Z-z-ooom! – without him. Things really start to lurch out of control when his mother tells him to clean his room. Edward wishes that he didn’t have to! After a monster gobbles up the contents of his room until there’s nothing left to clean, Edward is determined to be more careful with his last wish. Wishes, like flying, should not be taken lightly. Will Edward ever figure out what he really wants to wish for?

Snowy Science
Science is fun all year round – and here’s a book to prove it! This winter, kids, their parents and their teachers will be inspired to try these simple experiments inside, inspired by the freezing weather outside. Kids can learn to make their own ice cream, create an indoor avalanche and pick up an ice cube with just a piece of string. Also included are fun facts about icebergs, frost, “orange” snow and lots more cool winter science

Vikki VanSickle

If I Had a Gryphon
Sam knows all about magical creatures and is less than impressed with her sedate hamster, who is content to eat, sleep, and drool. But as Sam rhymes off her favourite fantastical beasts, she realizes how challenging magical pet care can be. Walking a dog is one thing, but what about flying a Gryphon in a thunderstorm? When a kitten sneezes it’s cute, but when a dragon sneezes? It’s a fire hazard. This pet story with a twist is the perfect primer on magical creatures for kids not quite old enough for Harry Potter.

Sharon Jennings

C’Mere Boy!
Dog wants his very own boy. Though Mama warns him that a boy takes a lot of work, Dog is determined to find the perfect boy for him. Dog’s search takes him from the pooch spa to the mall to the park, but none of the boys smell quite right. Finally, in an unexpected place, a promising-looking boy appears. Will Dog be able to train him? C’mere, Boy! is a funny and fetching twist on the traditional “boy wants dog” story.

Bearcub and Mama

Bearcub follows his mama wherever she goes. By Mama’s side, he discovers how to catch a fish and dig for grubs. With Mama’s help, he learns to climb a tree and find honey. One day, Bearcub is exploring the high country when the sky darkens and a storm blows in. But this time, Mama is not there. Frightened and alone, Bearcub must rely on himself – and all that his mama has taught him – to weather the fierce winter storm.


Sharon Jennings’ Franklin books:

First Readers

Franklin’s Big Book of Stories, 2013

Franklin and the Duckling, 2007

Franklin and the Stopwatch, 2007

Franklin and the Bubble Gum, 2006

Franklin’s Soapbox Derby, 2006

Franklin’s Picnic, 2006

Franklin’s Pond Phantom, 2005

Franklin and the Tin Flute, 2005

Franklin and the Cookies, 2005

Franklin’s Library Book, 2005

Franklin’s Pumpkin, 2004

Franklin the Detective, 2004

Franklin and the Contest, 2004

Franklin and the Scooter, 2004

Franklin’s Surprise, 2003

Franklin’s Reading Club, 2003

Franklin Stays Up, 2003

Franklin’s Trading Cards, 2003

Franklin and the Magic Show, 2002

Franklin’s Music Lessons, 2002

Picture Books

Franklin Celebrates, 2005

Franklin’s Nickname, 2004

Franklin and the New Teacher, 2004

Franklin Forgives, 2004

Franklin Makes a Deal, 2003

Franklin Wants a Badge, 2003

Franklin and the Computer, 2003

Franklin Snoops, 2003

Franklin Plays Hockey, 2002

Franklin and the Big Kid, 2002

Franklin and Otter’s Visit, 2002

Franklin’s Canoe Trip, 2002

Franklin and the Babysitter, 2001

Franklin Runs Away, 2001

Franklin’s Birthday Party, 2001

Franklin Plants a Tree, 2001

Franklin and the Hero, 2000

Franklin Forgets, 2000

Franklin Says Sorry, 1999



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